Embezzlement (0-0) oh no!!

nw3c embezzlement stats

Unforutunatly or fourtunatly we sometimes uncover things for our clients that are unplesent to deal with.

Here is a list from the nw3c of warning signs to look out for while being vigilant of employee fraud or embezzlement:

 An employee who refuses to take vacation time can occur because they are afraid that theft will be detected while they are absent

 An employee who continually works overtime

 An employee who wants to take work home

 Excessive personal spending, like a new car or trips, by an employee whose income cannot support this kind of spending

 Petty cash disappearing quickly

 Extravagant expenses during employee travel

 Employees with personal vendor relationships (Keep watch for employees who often lunch with vendors, or who are related to hired contractors)

 Depleting office supplies at unusual rate