This isn't A.I. but it is an interesting idea..... I hadn't thought of A.I and religion before What do you think of this Blessing Bot?

This is fun and an interesting. You should take a moment to play with this and see how AI is coming for the job of artists and graphic designers. Much like the Lyerbird technology its not perfect yet, but has lots of promise.

You want to help teach the AI then play around with this

Governor Asa Hutchinson today announced the details of an agreement with Facebook, Inc. to expand the company’s Techstart program to all Arkansas public high schools. The Arkansas & Facebook Techstart Partnership was a first-of-its-kind partnership with the social media giant. Under the original agreement announced earlier this year, Facebook donated approximately 400 Virtual Reality (VR) classroom kits, including computers, cameras and the Oculus Rift equipment necessary to administer the Techstart program to approximately 250 schools.


I know we have talked about chatbots that replicate your personality and AI being able to mimic your voice after listening to it for only one minute. So what about AI that can read your emotions? Yeah, they exist. There is going to be some super interesting tech based off of this stuff in a few years.

Title: Lyrebird AI

Have you heard of Lyrebird? Remember the videos circulating on FB a few years back of that Aussie bird that could copy almost any noise? This AI does just that and its creepy. Its still robotic sounding, but give it time.. I think about how some of our less bright crayons are going to really get scammed.

google home

Fantastic news for Google home users! In September of this year you should be able to link your Google and Wal Mart apps. then you can order products by voice from Ol' Wally World. Pretty nifty!


Check out this video for some information on a crazy chatbot ment to become you.

A strange and interesting plant.

Look at this Strange and interesting plant we found today! Perhaps we should put it in the window....

Title: Cookies

We found this and just had to share! :) Don't be afraid of the cookies. Websites mostly use them to help you.


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